LIONVSLEGEND, or LVL for short, is an MP3 release group that is in no way shape or form affiliated with the scene. In fact, we do not even do official releases of musicians. What we basically do is compile greatest hits, anthologies, compilations, and other goodies for you that the labels wont. The most notable factor when considering our releases is that you can be sure they are not just a mixing of random transcoded MP3s thrown into a RAR file with no order or method on how they were created. What we do is use only use verified sources for our releases, usually in the form of getting a hold of the actual CDs themselves and ripping them or grabbing some sort of lossless format of the release (e.g. FLAC) and encode them to MP3s with the LAME encoder and the V0 preset. Not only that, but we include NFOs, M3Us, SFVs, and of course original artwork embedded so that your media players will have some sort of cover art for the release. Some of you may not agree with what we do, and some of you might. In reality, these mixes are created for our own personal enjoyment – we just thought it would be nice if we shared what we took the time to create. Love us or hate us, LVL will be here a while to give you some unique and wanted releases.